Getting Started With Solar Power

It pays to do your homework when considering if solar is the right choice for you. To ensure you choose the best products and best installer for your situation, we have put together a comprehensive list of the most FAQs about solar power.

  • How does solar power work?

    1. The sun shines on the solar panels generating DC (direct current) electricity.
    2. The DC electricity is fed into a solar inverter that converts it AC (alternating current) electricity – The AC electricity is used to power the appliances in your home.
    3. Surplus electricity is fed back into the main grid.


    Solar Power FAQ - MySolar Perth - How does it work

  • Why is solar energy such a good option in Australia?

    Australia has the highest average solar radiation of any continent in the world. This means our solar industry has the greatest potential to lead the world. Solar power is a zero-emission electricity source. One megawatt hour (MWh) of solar-derived electricity avoids approximately one tonne of carbon dioxide.

    For everyday homes, a well-designed, well-installed system can deliver a considerable return on investment. This means that over time, your system will pay for itself. State and federal governments offer various schemes and incentives for households that install solar power and solar hot water.

    However, in order to qualify for government incentives, your solar power system must be installed by a professional accredited with the Clean Energy Council – such as MySolar.

  • Why is solar energy so important?

    According to the Clean Energy Council, Australia’s stationary energy sector, which includes electricity derived from coal-fired power, is responsible for around 50% of our greenhouse gas emissions.

    When it comes to climate change, our heavy reliance on traditional energy puts Australia’s environment and long-term economic security at risk.

    It also means your home could be spending much more on electricity than you need to – particularly into the future. Fortunately, Australia has several sources of renewable and environmentally-friendly energy at our disposal. This, of course, includes solar energy.

  • Will solar power really protect me against rising energy costs?

    Solar power gives you the option of producing your own energy right where it is needed rather than taking all of your electricity from the grid. This gives you a high degree of protection from rising electricity costs.

    Environmentally friendly: Solar panels are environmentally friendly, harnessing the sun’s natural power to produce electricity. Solar panels can contribute to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and help you reduce your environmental footprint.

    High solar production: In Australia, our dry climate and our latitude gives us a high potential for solar energy production. Your MySolar solar expert can advise on the optimum system to suit your needs, where you live and the orientation of your home.

    Sell your excess power: If your solar panels produce more solar power than your home requires at any point in time, you may be eligible to feed this excess power back into the electricity grid and receive payment from your electricity provider.

Solar PV Systems & Solar Panels

  • What size system will I need to run my home?

    When deciding what solar PV you need, our solar power specialists will look at the following things:

    • Your energy bills to see how much energy your home is currently using
    • When you consume the most energy (in the mornings, during the day, in the evenings or a combination)
    • Number of people living at home
    • Roof size and orientation
    • Shading
    • Geographical location

    If you’d like to know more, we recommend speaking to one of our solar power specialists who will be able to provide recommendations on system sizes, costing and so forth.

  • How much does it cost to install solar panels?

    Over the past few years, the price of solar systems has dropped significantly making it an increasingly attractive option for many WA households.

    The cost of your solar PV system is affected by a number of different factors, including:

    • Government incentives and support schemes available
    • Contractor installation costs
    • The type and number of solar panels, which in turn affects the output of your system in kilowatts (kW)
    • The type and size of the inverter (the part of the system that converts the electrical output of your solar panels into AC electricity for use in your home or business)
    • Type of framing equipment and other system components
    • Height and accessibility of your roof and whether it is tiled, metal or concrete
    • After-sales service agreements

    However as a rough guide, the total cost of getting a home solar system up and running by MySolar is between $2,500 (for a small 2.12 kW system) and $5,000 (for a 5kW system). At MySolar, we can customise solar packages to suit your needs and budget. You can get a FREE quote at any time by clicking here.

  • How much money will I save with solar panels?

    The amount of money your household will save on power bills by going solar is affected by a number of factors, including:

    • Your energy consumption and the size of your solar power system – If you use more power than your system is capable of producing, your savings will be reduced. This can be avoided by choosing the right-sized system for your needs.
    • Your feed-in tariff – The amount your electricity retailer pays you for any excess power your solar panels generate.
    • Your usage – Solar panels can only generate electricity while the sun is shining. This means if your household uses a lot of power during the day, you may attract greater savings than if you consume most of your power during the evening.
    • Where you live – Some areas of Australia receive a lot more sunlight than others. Perth is one of Australia’s sunniest cities, with an average of 8.8 hours of sunshine a day, so it’s no wonder more and more people are switching to solar to power their homes!
  • How much roof space do I need?

    Each MySolar solar sower panel is about 1.0m wide and about 1.7m tall with a footprint of 1.7m2. So, for a 6 panel 1.5kW solar power system the space required about 10m2.

    Don’t have the space? Not to worry, just call us on (08) 6270 6420 for a free evaluation and we can design a system that suits you.

  • Do solar panels work at night?

    No, solar panels do not generate power at night. Once the sun goes down, your home will begin to draw power from the main grid or from your battery storage system if you have one installed.

  • Do solar panels work when the weather is overcast?

    Yes, solar panels will still work on an overcast/ cloudy day. However it’s important to note they will not generate as much electricity for your home as when the weather is clear and sunny.

  • Do solar panels work when it's raining?

    Yes, your solar panels will still work even when it is raining. Rain can actually help to keep your panels operating efficiently by washing away any dust or dirt.

  • Do solar panels work if my roof is partially shaded?

    A little shade doesn’t render your solar panels completely useless. Though the output will be reduced, solar panels will still work in the shade – just at less capacity due to lower sunlight exposure. Though the numbers will vary depending on how much shade the panels are facing. This is something we will assess and discuss with you when organising a solar PV system for your home!

  • How long will it take to get a solar power system installed?

    Most standard installations are completed within 3 to 5 hours which includes wiring up your panels, grid connection and inverter installation. If there is a hold up for any reason, our consultancy team will keep you informed.

  • Once installed, when will my system start working?

    Your system will start working as soon as your new solar PV system is installed and the meter is changed/ reprogrammed and connected to the grid.

  • Can I add panels or upgrade my system later on?

    Yes, if you plan ahead adding panels is quick and inexpensive. Things to consider if you do think that you would like to expand in the future include the capacity of your inverter and how much roof space you have left over.

    Simply tell your consultant that you may expand the system in the future and we will provide some options to future-proof your current system.

  • Can I install solar panels if I have a flat roof?

    Our design and installation team will create a framing system that is right for you. Simply provide your building plans or get an onsite assessment and we will do the rest.

  • What is a solar inverter and why is it so important for my solar power system?

    People in the market for solar will often ask what type of solar panels they should install on their roof, as they believe this is the most important component of their solar power system. Although high quality solar panels do play a part, it is in fact the solar inverter that is the most important element of your solar power system.

    A solar inverter converts the variable direct current (DC) output of a photovoltaic (PV) solar panel into alternating 240V current (AC). This AC electricity is then fed into your home to operate your appliances.

    A high quality inverter is the key to a long lasting solar power system and will ensure you get the most out of your investment into solar. When enquiring about your solar power system, your MySolar solar power specialist will discuss which inverter is best based on your needs and budget.

  • Can I keep track of the solar power system’s performance?

    It’s easy to check up on your Solar Power System at any time. Our inverters have a built in display that gives you live data on how much power your system is creating. Most systems will even give you historical data on how your system has been performing over a period of time.

  • Is solar power the right choice for me?

    Yes, absolutely! If you’re ready to make the switch to solar power – and start saving on your home’s energy bills – give the expert team at MySolar Solar a call on (08) 6270 6420. One of our qualified experts will be able to inspect your home, and provide recommendations based on your home’s unique orientation, the size of your roof, and your location.

Battery Storage

  • Can I add battery storage to my solar power system?

    Yes, as home battery storage systems in Australia are becoming more and more affordable, we are seeing more homeowners are adding batteries to their existing solar power system!

    A home battery enables you to access and store the solar energy generated during the day for use any time. During the day, the sun shines on your solar panels, charging your battery. At night, your home draws electricity from your battery, powering your home with clean, sustainable energy 24/7!

    There are several things to consider when adding battery storage, including the current size of your solar power system, what inverter you have, your budget and more. One of our solar power specialist will discuss the different battery options with you in detail.

    If you’d like to know more about our battery storage options, click here.

Government Rebates and Incentives

  • What is a small-scale technology certificate (STC)?

    STCs are government incentives that help reduce the upfront cost of installing your solar PV system. The value of STCs your system receives differs depending on its size and location.

    For more information on Government rebates and incentives please call us directly on (08) 6270 6420.

  • Can I resell electricity back to Synergy?

    Yes, this is known as the Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme or a Solar “Feed In” Tariff (FiT). This is only applicable if you are WA residential customer at the premises from which the qualified Feed-in Tariff customer wishes to receive the subsidy rate. A residential customer can generate and sell electricity to Synergy under the Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme contract.

    • You can get 0.07c back for every unit (kW/hr) you feed back into the grid.
    • You are only entitled/ eligible to this as long as your inverter doesn’t exceed 5kW.

    For more information please call us directly on (08) 6270 6420.

Warranty and Maintenance

  • What should I do if my solar PV system stops working?

    Call us directly on (08) 6270 6420 and speak with someone from our warranty and maintenance team who will be able to assist you with getting your system fixed ASAP.

  • What after-sales care do you offer?

    We work with all of our customers to ensure a prompt and reliable service before, during and after your solar power system has been installed.

    We have a dedicated, in-house service department who will be there for you should you encounter any problems with your solar PV system. For all service and warranty enquiries please call us immediately on (08) 6270 6420 and ask to speak to someone from our warranty and maintenance team.

  • Do you have a Module Performance Guarantee?

    Yes, our manufacturers performance warranty will ensure panels remain within 90% of their performance capability in the first 10 years and within 80% over the next 15 years. This ensures that the panels perform exceptionally well for at least 25 years though the system should last years longer.

  • Is my solar PV system covered by warranty?

    Yes it is! All MySolar solar power systems come with the following warranties:

    • Solar panels – 25 year performance warranty (your panels performance will not drop below 80%)
    • Solar panels – 10 year product warranty (e.g. if product gets stolen, damaged etc.)
    • Grid-connect inverter – minimum 5 year warranty
    • Roof mount frame – 10 year warranty
    • Installation on site – 1 year warranty

    However, please note we stock a variety of brand so this is a general guide on our warranty – Warranty specifications will differ from product to product so please call us on (08) 6270 642 to confirm the warranty on your product.

Finance Options

  • Do you offer finance and payment plans?

    No, unfortunately at this stage we do not offer any payment plan options.

    However please call us (08) 6270 6420 to speak with one of our solar power experts who will work with you to find a solar power solution based on a budget you’re comfortable with.

Getting in Touch

  • What information will you need upfront from me so I can quickly and easily obtain an accurate quote?

    We understand you may be obtaining several quotes from different solar power companies in Perth. If you have the following information ready for our solar power specialist when enquiring about solar, it will ensure we can quickly and easily organise a formal quote for you!

    • Is your home under construction or established?
    • What power supply do you have? (Single phase or three phase). If you’re not sure, check your main switchboard. If the main switch is in a row of 3, it is three phase power supply. If it is 1 switch, it is single phase. As a general rule, most older homes will have single phase, whilst newer homes/ homes under construction will have three phase.
    • Your full home address –  So we can take a look at roof size and orientation, potential shading and so forth.
    • Sending a copy of your latest energy bill (if it’s an established home) – The quickest way is to take a photo of the back of your bill and include it as an attachment when emailing our solar power specialist.
    • Sending a copy of your floor plans (if your home is under construction).
  • I’ve obtained a cheaper quote from another solar power company in Perth, do you price match?

    We understand people will obtain several solar quotes for comparison and we will do everything in our power to offer the most competitive price possible to our customers! However, we recommend when obtaining a quote, to look past price as your final determining factor.

    Sometimes there may be a difference of only a few hundred dollars between quotes, so before deciding on the cheaper quote, we recommend you do your research on the quality of the products the company has offered you, the level of customer service you’ve received so far, after sales care and support and product and performance warranty!

    At MySolar, we pride ourselves on offering the best quality products at the most competitive prices for our customers. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you want to discuss price or need to clarify any of the information we provide.

  • I’m ready to speak to someone about solar for my home, what’s the best way to go about this?

    We’re so glad you are thinking about installing solar for your home! At MySolar, we pride ourselves on delivering the best possible solar energy solutions to our customers. We have been looking after the needs of Perth households for years.

    Contact us today on (08) 6270 642 or request your free quote!