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Each year we see more and more people investing in solar power solutions. Why? Not only is Perth one of Australia’s sunniest cities, with an average of 8.8 hours of sunshine a day, but with the continual rise in electricity prices, it’s no wonder people are switching to solar power for their homes and businesses.

That’s why when we say Perth is one of the best places in the country to install a solar power system, we mean it!

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Solar Power Systems Perth – Pricing & Packages

One of the most favoured options for reducing power bills for many Australians has been to invest in a solar power system and generate more electricity on site, as opposed to purchasing it from utilities.

At MySolar we have a range of solar power packages to suit your needs and budget. Our solar power experts can also tailor a package to suit your individual requirements without blowing your budget.

Take a look at our solar power packages and request a free quote from one of our solar power experts today!

Why is Perth the perfect place for solar power?

Take advantage of our sunny state!

The hours of sunshine we receive here in Perth is the ‘fuel’ for a solar system. The larger your solar power system, the more it can capture this fuel and turn it into usable energy.

Solar power helps Perth homes and business save money on their power bills

Having a solar power system installed is basically like owning your very own power station! How it works is the energy from your solar panels can be used to run the appliances in your home, thereby allowing you to reduce your reliance on the electricity retail giants for a portion of your electricity needs.

It’s important to note that you won’t use all of your electricity during the day when your panels are producing power. Because households consume some energy in the evening, you’ll still likely have to use energy from the grid after the sun’s gone down, or when you’re using more energy than your solar panels produce.

There is however a way to become virtually independent of any electricity retailers – Solar Battery Storage.

A battery storage system reduces your energy consumption to a minimum and provide clean energy around the clock. A battery storage system can help cover your nighttime energy needs with the energy produced in the daytime. Click here to see our affordable home battery energy storage solutions.

Solar power is better for the environment

Solar is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Over the years we have seen a substantial increase in homeowners, businesses and not for profits make the switch to solar because they are focused on minimising environmental issues such as climate change and health problems related to carbon emissions.

How exactly does solar reduce greenhouse gas emissions?

The electricity that solar panels produce is completely emissions free. When you use renewable solar energy to meet your energy needs, you reduce the demand for electricity from your utility. As a result, your utility plant emits less carbon when producing the power needed to meet.

Solar Power Systems Perth – Builders

Are you a local Perth builder? 

When building a new home for you client, you have the opportunity to build it right from the get-go. At MySolar, we partner with Perth home builders that aspire to save their clients’ money.

We are experienced solar power installers and want every home we work on to be as environmentally friendly and cost effective as possible. This is why MySolar is the go-to company for Perth Builders!

 Take a look at the builders range on our website to see our solar power solutions and how you can work with MySolar to give your clients the complete service they deserve.

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